Step 1 Contact

how-it-works-step-1If you want to sell your house fast the best way to get started is to pick up the phone and have a conversation with one of our team members. We almost always have someone ready to chat with you. If you aren’t ready to call us you can fill out one of the two form on the homepage, or the contact us page and we will get back with you as soon as we possibly can.


Step 2 Conversation

how-it-works-step-2Let’s have a brief conversation with about the house or property that you want to sell. What type of shape is it in? How big is it? Where is it located? Are there any special circumstances surrounding the house? Why are you selling? Most of it is pretty easy stuff. Oh, and perhaps the most important, how soon would you like to close and get paid?


Step 3 Meeting

how-it-works-step-3If possible, we would like to meet you at the property. We understand that this is not always possible if you are out of state. If we can meet at the property, we can take a walk around and see for ourselves what type of condition the house is in and what will need to be fixed in order for us to resell it for a profit (Yep, we are in this to make money). If we are not able to meet you out at the property, is there a way for us to gain access? We may be able to make you an offer by peeking through windows, but we would really prefer to be able to get inside. Once we have walked around the inside and out, normally we will be prepared to make you an offer right on the spot. At this point, you can say, “Yes, that sounds great!” and we will draw up some paperwork right there and we can open escrow later that day of the next business day. Of course you also have the option to say no to our offer or offer a different number that we may be able to find a way to agree on. If you are not in town, we can email, fax, or use overnight mail to get you the offer.


Step 4 Escrow

how-it-works-step-4The beauty of this is that you already know how much you are going to get and you don’t need to worry about countless inspections, and re-negotiating the agreed on price, or being asked to fix anything. Once we have an accepted offer we will open escrow and then the title company goes to work checking to see what liens or encumbrances may be on the deed to make sure there are no surprises. After this is sorted out, we can more to closing.


Step 5 Closing

how-it-works-step-5This is the part that everybody loves. You get rid of the house so fast and so easily that you give us all a big hug (not mandatory). Oh, and YOU GET YOUR CHECK or a wire to your bank from the title company!



Step 6 Happiness

how-it-works-step-6In your happiness we would love it if you will do a short video of your experience working with us about how easy and simple the whole process was so that other people, just like you, will know to call us first. That leaves the next step, which is also the first step, so give us a call now: (602) 497-4445 or fill out the simple form for us to contact you.

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