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If you are reading this there is a very good chance that you are wanting to sell your house quickly and don’t really know who you can trust.  There are lots of people, groups, investors who will pay cash for your house, so what makes us different?

Hello, my name is Gregg Sobek. I was born and raised in Mesa, AZ and got my real estate license in 1997 (so I have some experience in the industry). I started buying investment properties in 2004, and even bought several with my parents.  We kept some as rentals and fixed some to sell.  When the market crashed, I held out as long as I could, eventually losing some properties to foreclosure and I even had to file bankruptcy in 2010. So I understand hardship and struggle that so many of the people selling their homes are facing.  Fast forward to now, and I have teamed up with a group of investors that help people, like me, out of tough housing situations. Sometimes people just don’t have time to wait for the best deal, and sometimes sellers inherited a property and don’t want to fix it up to the point that it can get regular financing and a regular buyer.

Whatever the case, for most people selling a house can be a huge undertaking and can be particularly stressful, especially if they don’t want to sell.

I understand these struggles better than most real estate investors. So you could choose to list your house with a REALTOR and have people come through your house at all hours, nitpicking every detail, then waiting for offers, if you finally get one, the buyers do and inspection and can ask you to fix all the large or small problems that they find, often totaling in the thousands in addition to the real estate commissions and closing costs.  Or you could work with us.  We will give you a full cash offer, forgo the 10 day inspection period and future negotiating, and pay all the allowable closing costs, leaving you with the amount we settle on when we first sit down together.  Then we can close when ever you want, at your convenience, often in as little as 7 business days.

And because of the way our team structures the deal, we are able to offer more than any other investment group in the Phoenix market.  Fill out the form or just pick up the phone and call us.  We will be happy to chat with you and write you a fast full cash offer to close as soon as possible.

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